Certified, listed, and labeled to the previously published  UL Subject 2425 "Chimney Repair & Resurfacing" by Guardian Fire Testing Laboratory Inc. (ISO 17025). The patented FireGuard system is the only certified, ceramic resurfacing system employing pinpoint vibration, which promotes maximum penetration of tight mortar joints and fractures, and a consistent coat distribution for resurfacing. Without pinpoint vibration, the ceramics do not penetrate tight opening nor form a solid, consistent coating over surfaces.

FireGuard’s temperature rating, 3,205 F, is the highest rating in the industry.The FireGuard chimney liner repair system does not appreciably decrease the area of the original flue; consequently, the performance of the fireplace or appliance will not change.

The FireGuard process is typically a less expensive chimney liner repair option than relining.

The FireGuard chimney liner repair is usually completed in less than a day, with much less disturbance to the inside of the home, since the flue liners do not  require removal.

Since 2003, the patented FireGuard chimney liner repair system has been successfully installed, nationwide.

A twenty-year factory guarantee against material failure is provided with every FireGuard installation.
FireGuard Ceramic Sealant 

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